Meet our Neighbors: Jeremy Williams

Why did you start District Millworks?

I grew up re-modeling homes in Hollywood and a friend and I decided to open our own cabinet shop to service the needs of our construction work. instead of buying furniture and cabinetry we decided to make our own stuff and our pieces somehow got popular. The next thing you know we are a business making furniture.

How did you end in this mansion in 3rd street?

A friend of mine in the Arts District lives in Ierland half the year so we rented out half of his studio across the street from here. That’s actually how we found out about this neighborhood. I found out about this building cause it was across the street. I tried to get it for a long timeā€¦ it took me two years to get this place. It use to be a janitorial supply company and the owner of the building had it filled with mops and brooms and other things. So when I grew out of my other space with my artist friend naturally this was the closest and best place, and we moved in here 2.5 years ago.

Why do you think your business does so well in Los Angeles, California?

I think most of Los Angeles is turning into a place that is becoming very eco conscious. I think our furniture works because we mainly recycle building structures, wine barrels, flooring, bowling lanes, we recycle stuff. People here are drawn to that idea.

We take things and turn them into other things. We take a bowling lane from nebraska and turn it into a dining room table in Nashville. We take a wine barrel from napa valley and turn it into a bed in Austin, and so on.

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