Meet our neighbors: Jon Hans

How did you end up in DTLA?
I was trying to figure out what to do next in life, so I found myself traveling around the world hoping that would help. I was mainly traveling up and down Western Europe, and then ended up staying in Ireland for a bit. That was when I decided that I wanted to play music. The problem was that I wasn’t very good at it! So I figured if people were actually going to spend their hard earned cash to hear me sing and play, I needed to make it worth their while. So I applied to a music school that I had heard a good reputation (Musicians Institute), and it ended up being smack dab in the middle of Hollywood. I lasted about 6 minutes before I realized I needed to move, but being stuck in a 6 month lease, I had to wait it out. As soon as the lease ended, some friends and I found a home in the Arts District downtown. I haven’t left downtown since.

Since you’ve traveled all over the world, why did you decide to settle down in Los Angeles?
I had to see about a girl.

What do you like about Los Angeles? What do you not like?
People love to hate Los Angeles:
“The traffic is horrible!”
“People are douche bags!”
“It’s so dirty”

I. LOVE.Los Angeles.

Here’s the thing, lets just say it: the stereo types of Los Angeles are true. I hate most of the things people complain about too. Some of those things you can’t avoid (it is dirty), but some of the things you can avoid (douche bags), and some of those things you can redeem (traffic! I LOVE sitting in traffic when it’s expected! It’s my time to catch up with family and friends on the phone, listen to a whole album or book that I would never sit down to just listen to it, and I get to practice the harmonica! People LOVE it when they drive by and see my jamming on the harmonica.)

And here is the thing that has always made Los Angeles; people come here because they have a dream. I have found nothing more inspiring in my life then to be surrounded by so many amazingly talented artists, designers, photographers, musicians, directors, dreamers, and visionaries. And I have had the honor of calling all of these people my friends. That is why I love Los Angeles, it’s still a place where dreams are made real. It’s still possible. It still happens. I get to see that in my friends every day.

Oh yeah, and its summer 9 months of the year which makes the rainy days awesome, you can surf AND ski in the same day within an hour of each other, Mexico is only 2 hours away, and there is always a party, art show, fashion show, comedy show, concert, play, and movie to go to every night of the week followed by any type of amazing food from any country in the world. You can pretty much eat anything, make anything, do anything, and see everything. There’s that too.

I’m fairly certain you have a hit song called “Los Angeles” that hasn’t been recorded yet. When do you plan on doing that?
Well, first of all thank you.

Ummmmm… Well, music has been put on pause for a little bit because I just got married to my smokin hot wife who is light years more talented and amazing then me, but that is the next musical goal. I finished up my last EP “Natives in a Foreign Land” that I really want to play live and then get back in the studio to record “Los Angeles” in the fall. Hopefully by Christmas time it will be available to stuff your stockings with.

I’ve always want to make music that spoke to the deep, that connected people. Music brings people together, songs are the language of emotions. Harmony is the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions with a pleasing effect. It brings unity to sound. And how good and pleasing it is for brothers and sisters to dwell in unity.

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