Q&A with Chris Brown of Refueled Magazine


Hi Chris, we recently stumbled upon your online/print magazine and were instantly impressed with the design, content, and photography. Great job! 


How did you go about starting Refueled Magazine? 

I kind of always knew from a really early age I’d probably publish a magazine sooner or later. As a eight year old I’d create mock magazines with titles like The American and Tejas. All with covers complete with hand-drawn type, cartoons, fake stories and ads. I’d staple the pages down the side – all one offs. I’d sell them to the neighborhood kids for ten cents. 

My interests have always included  style, music and adventure, so when I decided to publish Refueled I simply created and shared what I knew. 

You just released your 9th issue, how have you felt about the past issues and growth?

I experimented with the first few issues. I feel I finally hit my stride with issue five. From that issue on I believe the magazine became what I envisioned it to be from the start. In a lot of ways, that people may not realize, each issue is a chapter in my personal journal. I feel extremely blessed that others have enjoyed the journey too.

From the start, folks were asking for printed copies of the magazine. Starting with the last issue, Winter 2011/Number Eight, I began producing a deluxe, softcover, perfect bound edition in print. These editions are more coffee table book than magazine. They’re printed on amazing heavy matte stock, making the incredible photography come to life. There definitely is something special about holding a hard copy in your hands. 

In the current issue, Summer 2012, I took a look at some stylish friends and their surroundings. 

You seem to be, at least in the alternative publishing circles, the poster boy who is best capturing the resurgence of American manufacturing/craft.

Heritage means a great deal to me and my friends, but I simply share the people and passions that surround me. My friends make music, art, photography, hotels, furniture, jeans, boots, bags, surfboards, cars and motorcycles – I capture all of it in a magazine – I make time capsules in a way. There is so much inspiration around me everyday. We’re a small, tight-knit group who love to support and share what we’re all really stoked on. Refueled is what’s all around me.

What’s your favorite part about running a magazine?

Traveling around the county, sharing and collaborating with the incredible people I meet. We’re all trying to create our own little American dream, and I have the pleasure of being welcomed in to people’s lives and documenting a small part of it.

What your hopes for Refueled in the future? 

Everyday I’m writing in my notebooks, sharing ideas and hearing from folks who want to collaborate on a project together. All of those things make their way into an issue at some point, expanding the brand. I love when people write and tell me they have been inspired by Refueled. If that continues, then I have succeeded. 


Photography of Chris Brown by Michael A Muller.

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