WoodSmithe business cards

With WoodSmithe being a design build firm it only seemed appropriate to develop business cards for our team…..right?  What a process! This became a real labor of love so I wanted to share the process with you. First we took two sheets of ebony veneer and laminated them together to create double sided blanks. Next we laser cut the sheets of veneer into 3.5 x 2” standard business cards. Then came the fun part, figuring how we wanted to put our name on them. Months later after pursuing countless options including dye sub, digital UV, and various letterpress techniques we decided on foil.  We loved how the foil option looked with our favorite color combo….black on black. Here you can see each or our crew holding their own card.

photos and design by Nina Hans

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  1. Anya
    July 27, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    Are they really real wood? I love it!

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