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Meet our Neighbors: Conner Macphee

Since you’re in school right now, tell us a bit about what you are studying?

I am currently working on my masters in architecture at Woodbury University, however my education began in the redwood forests of Santa Cruz, studying sculpture. Knowing that I would eventually move into the field of architecture, I made sculptures that investigated ways of creating space in alternatives ways.

Are you enjoying your summer job at WoodSmithe?


I have always been a big fan of the work produced by WoodSmithe and am very happy to be a part of the team. One of the tough things about producing work in academia is that there is a disconnection to many factors of reality. Often work that comes out of architecture schools can be very interesting in theory, however has a tough time standing up in the real world.  So it is refreshing to be designing real things, which will be produced for real people.

What do you think is unique about architecture in Los Angeles?

LA is a very exciting place for architects, designers, artist and anyone who is making. It is the wild west of architecture, with a rich history of do it your self and experimentation. This mentality has created the platform for creative thinkers to design in ways distinct from anywhere else. Since the early development of Los Angeles, there has always been a little bit more room than the already developed east. Along with freedom of the physical space, the west has also had the freedom of the climate. The year round temperate weather allows for us to rethink the boundary of interior and exterior.

How did you end up in the Arts District?

I was first exposed to the area when I was doing some freelance work for some friends. Once I saw their space, I immediately began looking for my own.

Our experiences in life are shaped and defined by the built environment.  The way a space feels and performs influences the way we interact with each other. I look to influence these experiences through my work.

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