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Meet our Neighbors: Corinne Grassini

How did you go about starting the Society for Rational Dress?

Back in 2004 I had a pattern making company and worked with designers and small boutiques in Los Angeles.  I was also making pieces for myself and some friends during that time.  I made myself this pair of suede boots after checking out a book from the library entitled “how to make your own moccasins”.  This store, Scout, owned by a couple of friends of mine asked me to custom make boots for their customers.  They had a prototype at the store and girls could pick the color of the boot along with the leather colors for the straps.  Greg, the owner, would trace the girl’s foot on a piece of paper and FAX it to me with the colors they chose!  At first the faxes came in every week or so and then they started to come in daily… I turned into a one woman boot factory!  That’s when things started to get going and I started sourcing production facilities and filling out a clothing collection along with the boots.  It’s been about 8 years and 23 collections now!

Why did you bring your line to the Arts District? 

I was looking for a creative space to work out of in 2006 and loved how the Art’s District felt like an old ghost town.  I was really drawn to the history of the toy factories in this area and wanted to set up space here.  I had a lot of faith in the area- I figured that in a couple of years people would discover it down here and start to move in… at first I was inspired by the quiet down here but now I like that there is a little bit of a hustle and bustle.  I hope the area continues to grow with businesses with a point of view- like the Piehole, Handsome Coffee, Wurstkuche, Akai Ito etc.

What do you think is unique about designing and manufacturing in Los Angeles? 

LA allows a hands on approach to design and manufacturing.  There are so many talented manufacturers in the city that are really proud of their craft and happy to do what they do.  You can’t find that everywhere…

Where can people find your products? 

We are carried in small boutiques across the country as well as Anthropologie stores nationwide.  Our boutique, the Reserve, (on the corner of 3rd and Santa Fe) is slated to open in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

Together we build Society.  Working with and supporting other businesses in our Art’s District community keeps it awesome.

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