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Do Good Work for Good People

Here at WoodSmithe, “Do Good Work” is our internal motto. I just found this piece here and was pretty stoked on the simple motivation message.


Meet our Neighbors: Stephen Kenn + Beks Opperman

What are you doing with Stephen Kenn and the SK showroom?
We are using the Stephen Kenn showroom as an open community meeting place. We are serving coffee from our coffee every Monday-Friday from 8am-11am. Our first collection with Stephen Kenn is called The Inheritance Collection. Designed specifically to encourage good conversation. This first collection is made from steel welded frames which are rusted and then clear coated, they serve as a structure for leather and webbing belts to weave a tight net which soft pillow backs and firm cushion seats can rest. The module collection was designed to be multi functional and extremely durable.

Where is it located?
Across the street from 947 McGary St. Los Angeles, CA 90012, Look for the open garage door with two motorcycles outside.

What do you think is unique about producing these products in DTLA?
There are so many unique things about making product in LA. The history of the buildings and the visuals of this city tell such rich stories of craftsmanship. I’m aware that I standing on the shoulders of incredible visionaries every time I weave through the streets of this city. To speak for a moment about making objects in the city I live in, which I’m sure many can relate to in tons of other cities around the world, it’s a very hands on process, sometimes even too hands on (ha ha). The opportunity for genuine relationship with vendors, contractors and customers is much higher because they are people I interact with almost every day. I think from a design standpoint it is really important to touch and feel the materials in person and monitor them throughout the entire process. I think it’s the mix of personal interaction and the tactile experience of making objects first hand that bring this special authentic touch that many products lack in the mass marketplace today.

As a married couple what has it been like starting a company together?

It’s been really fun, I think we realized we have complimentary skills sets. I tend to be a little more organized and he’s definitely more creative. It’s fun to see your spouse working up close. I think a lot of married couples don’t really understand what their spouse does from day to day at their job, and you get to really see it up close and I think that makes you appreciate it.
- Beks
I’d say there’s so many more shared experiences. We get to celebrate together and we also get to stress out together. Some of the difficulties are knowing when to stop and knowing when to spend time apart, so we can recharge and enjoy working together again. Overall, its one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.
- Stephen

The way we do it at Stephen Kenn is by creating environments that encourage rich, meaningful conversation. We encourage this by hosting Thinklabs, which are organized conversations about important subjects with the hope of learning and growing from one another. We also offer our showroom space to different creative groups as a second office space. I’m convinced that environments either stifle or encourage creativity. Our hope with Stephen Kenn is to make products and create environments that help foster creative grow and possibly help birth those “ah ha” moments of innovation.

WoodSmithe for Levi’s Made & Crafted


Summit Series install | Day two


Summit Series install | Day one

Stay tuned. More to come.



French in the rumpus room

One of my favorite aspects of the WoodSmithe christmas party was the little details. Each area had it’s own signage made from aged red wood and printed in white uv.

Check out the detail print on the textured wood!



Food Architecture by Harold Arandia

While hanging out at my second home, I had the privilege of meeting Harold Arandia on his American holiday. Harold had brought Steve and Beks some of his food architecture from Amsterdam. Handcrafted and carefully molded chocolate screws and bolts. I freaked.

I had been wondering what to get all of the WoodSmithe boys for Christmas presents and this was perfect. Harold was currently out of his gems but generously offered to make us a special batch just for the WoodSmithe crew. What a champ! Unfortunately, they aren’t available in America just yet but I still wanted to share with you these little chocolate delights. Maybe we can make the demand high enough he will bring them out here.